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If you're looking for the best handyman anywhere in San Diego, you've come to the right place. With over 30 years professional experience and the best reputation in the business, $35 Handyman is your choice for quality, affordable service. General handyman services on the ground floor, start at $35.00 per hour hour, with a two hour minimum, plus travel time and mileage from and back to 91902, San Diego South Bay.  Plumbing rates start at $75.00 per hour for ground floor jobs, with a one hour minimum.

Our Expertise Includes


TV Install


Door Installs and Repairs

Ceiling Fans



Window Install

AC Install


Wall Repair

Not Lead Certified


Stucco Repair

Roof Repair


Water Proofing

Deck Re Coating

Window Install



Water Leaks Fixed

Sink Installs


Angle Stops

Garden Irrigation

Toilet Install/Repair



Tile Install/ Cleaning/Repair

Window Treatments


Cabinet Repair

Bath Room



Caulking Showers

New Fixtures


Base Board


Sub Floor Repair


Service requests

I give free estimates and quotes over the computer and phone

  • Information Request Form For Free Quotes and Estimates from the 35dollarhandyman.com   Thanks for inquiring into my Handyman service. My name is Andrew and I am a one man business. I am an unlicensed and uninsured contractor, with a $500.00 limit on jobs that I can give a fixed price quote on. I can how ever work on an hourly basis on most all jobs. Please see the last paragraph for the explanation for my varying rates. I give free quotes and estimates over the computer and phone, if I can get the exact job details sent to aaalllrrr@yahoo.com. The following check list will help you identify all of the information that I will need in order to be able to serve you. Please answer all of the relevant questions, ignore the ones that do not apply to your situation.  
  •  1. I need to know what your service needs are and when they need to be done by, so I can check my schedule. You might want to ask me these two questions first before taking any time to answer any of the job specifics 
  • 2.. Type of building and when it was built? 
  • 3. Zip code.  
  • 4. Logistics: Parking proximity to job site. Floor of building unit is on and floors of unit, or house, jobs are on? Attic? Crawlspace? I usually decline jobs with public paid or metered parking. 
  • 5. If jobs are on second and 3rd floors is access by stairs or elevators? 
  • 6. Exact description of your service needs and plans. My business is information driven and the better that you can describe what needs to be repaired, the better that I can estimate what it needs.
  • 7. Pictures: Of what ever applies that needs service, rooms, inside cabinets, plumbing angle stop valves, supply lines for toilets, sinks, drain pipes, damaged areas, fences, doors, windows, etc. Close up and far away to show a point of reference and show what is next to the work area. 
  • 8. Height from ground to wall or ceiling for any install or repair, paint job, etc. I need to know what size of ladder is needed and what the ladder will be set up on. 
  • 9. Dimensions: Cabinets: Width of door openings. Height from floor to cabinet base. Depth from front to back. If the cabinet is less than 24 inches wide and more than 4 inches from the floor, I am unable to work in them, unless the counter top can easily be removed. Doors: Height, width and thickness. Type of door, hollow care, solid core, wood, vinyl or steel. Glass, trims, baseboards, railings, fencing, etc., all need to be defined. 
  • 10. Square footage of rooms, floors and walls to be painted or have flooring installs on and linear footage of all trims, baseboards, fencing, etc.  
  • 11. Product links so I can familiarize myself with the install or assembly time and requirements. Also manufacturer’s estimated install or assembly times and people needed for the job.  
  • Travel time and mileage charges are added to all labor estimates, at $35.00 per hour, plus mileage at $.57 per mile, from and back to 91902, South Bay San Diego County. 
  • If I give you a quote, travel time and mileage will be included in the fixed price. If I am unable to get the necessary information and you wish to have me visit the job site, my minimum service charges apply. This charge applies to all service calls and visits. I do not guarantee that I can solve all issues. I do guarantee that I can advise you on the next best course of action. 
  • I have different rates based upon the difficulty of the job and its logistics. General handyman service on the ground/street level floor, starts at $35.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum. Second floor service starts at $50.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. Third floor service starts at $75.00 per hour. Plumbing, ground floor, starts at $75.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Heavier duty jobs like construction, concrete, flooring, etc. are all billed at different rates $50.00 per hour and up. If you are willing to help  carry some tool bags and supplies up to the floor the job is on, I can discount my labor rates. I look forward to reviewing your service needs, have a great day and I wish you well.
  •  I reserve the right to refuse service with no explanation given.